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Healing Group Session

I held my first intimate group in Officer, of which there are many more to come. My groups allow a variety of different loved ones to communicate in one setting. Last night, the group entertained some beautiful souls who had clearly been waiting to speak to their family & friends from the other side.

Amongst some of the messages was a lady’s mother who spoke of the rose tattoo she was very proud of. She knew that her daughter got the tattoo in her honour, knowing she loved roses, which also had her name engraved.

A very “busy” Nonna was fussing around her family, proving her name was perfectly suited to her as a busy Nonna!

A young lady’s tragically passed brother called out loudly his name, indicating he was her brother, and also proceeded to give strong evidence of his presence around his sister, not only during the group but loudly playing his music & songs to get her attention at random moments.

His cheeky personality shone through incredibly powerful.

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