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Private Readings

Uniquely Evidence-Based with Love


My readings are unique to others as I receive very strong evidence of who is talking from the other side in the way of accurate names, physical features, descriptions of ailments or illnesses and other information regarding a loved one’s passing etc.


Everyone’s reading will be different. It is based completely on what you need on the day. Besides receiving accurate information about who is communicating, they know exactly what you need to hear, be it more about guidance in your life, career, relationships or family, they are amazingly knowing and helpful for everyone who has a reading, making each individual person’s experience special and memorable.

loved ones

Usually, as soon as someone comes in the door before they sit down sometimes, the loved ones are already starting to talk and they will go straight into what may be concerning or relevant, cutting me completely off from any introduction!


Quite often I have excited spirits with me while I am getting ready dropping little hints of their presence, or they may come on my morning run which is my daily meditation and preparation (many loved dogs appear at this time).



Pets and animals that have been present in our lives love to make their presence known in a big way, sometimes they are quite dominant when they have been a special part of someone’s family they are just as important as people, bringing through quite often strong evidence and their names.

positive messages

Just as important are babies’ souls who have passed prematurely, they have a unique and amazing ability to communicate just as clearly and accurately as anyone else coming through in a reading and bringing much-needed comfort.


Babies and young children make a huge effort to show their family they are in a beautiful place, are with other family members and are very aware of any special arrangements and memorabilia that has been carefully and lovingly put together after their passing. This often brings great peace and comfort to grieving parents.


I have many varied messages and confirmation from very happy clients regarding guidance and predictions they have received in readings from their loved ones, only positive messages and information come through and never anything that would be considered inappropriate. You can rest assured it will be a positive, beautiful and memorable moment.

Photo by Tiny Rituals on Unsplash


Deborah only offers one-on-one readings - having more than one person in the room with her can disrupt the energies she receives.

30-Min. Online Session

$170.00 AUD

50-Min. Online Session

$280.00 AUD


Deborah only offers one-on-one readings - having more than one person in the room with her can disrupt the energies she receives.

50-Min. In-Person Session

$280.00 AUD weekdays

$320.00 AUD saturdays

online session
in-person session
Deborah Kroll group events.jpeg

An uplifting and healing experience.

Deborah holds regular group sessions at a set venue or conducted from the privacy of your own home.

Deborah travels to your place and requires only a minimum of 10 people for a private group.


More people means more messages!


Even if you don’t receive a personal message, simply being present & part of the experience brings peace and confirmation that loved ones are ok and always with us. 

Group Readings

It’s not unusual for a message to come from more than 1 loved one containing evidence and confirmation to others in the group, even though it may have been specifically directed to them.

Groups are an incredibly rewarding & healing experience, with strong evidence & messages from loved ones, especially including many pets, making the afternoon or evening thoroughly enjoyable for all who attend.

Messages also often come through to be passed on to close friends or family who may not even be present on the day.

Deborah is compassionate and caring and prides herself on the accuracy & honesty of the evidence that she brings through from your beloved family, friends & pets.

the latest


Officer, Victoria

Tuesday - 30th April - 6.30pm

Newhaven, Phillip Island 

Thursday - 2nd May- 6.30pm 

* A minimum of 10 participants is required for PRIVATE group bookings.

 The pricing is determined based on the travel time required to reach your location.

the latest


Thanks for an amazing night at the Sale group. 18 mths ago I had a private reading with you and you asked me if I lived on a property with lots of different animals and that it looked something like an animal rescue thing.


Well, I didnt back then but not long after that my lease ended and I ended up renting a property that had a peacock with it. We came with a cat, dog, rabbit and 3 birds but now 9 mths later we also have 3 horses and a lamb.


Tonight you said i have been looking at doing a course which is also 100% and that i will definitely be doing one which i am hoping to validate as well. Thank you.


- Shelley

Hi Deb, Everything you have mentioned I have experienced. Each time I go to the cemetery to visit my mum my car radio comes on without pressing the button the songs are all the ones my mum and I liked they're sad and have me in tears. On the way home the same radio comes on.


Last year I was in my backyard looking at the sky when I saw an unusual greyish white feather floating down, I saw where it landed I went to get it and it was gone for no reason I thought of mum and burst into tears. I feel her presence in my house and smell her perfume when I go in my back yard there is always a butterfly

- Anonymous

Deborah Kroll workshops.jpeg

Fun, Rewarding & Unexpected!


I run workshops that are hands-on and a great introduction to mediumship; everyone attending has the ability to experience reading as well as giving readings.

These can be organised for interested groups; no experience is necessary. It is a fun day with some very rewarding and unexpected results! They usually run for a full day and incorporate different ways of receiving and giving messages.

Everyone in attendance will be able to participate and sometimes be surprised at the extent of what they are able to do. Of course, the spirit world is behind the day and may guide it in whatever direction they feel is required!

the latest



Mediumship Workshops


“Deborah inspired me to become involved in spirituality. As a teacher Deborah was inspirational and dedicated.


As a medium Deborah has helped me emotionally and I have received many insightful readings”



Our life here on earth, this physical plane, is a temporary trip we make from the

Spirit World

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