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  1. Clients’ privacy is respected and therefore all services and content are confidential.

  2. You acknowledge and agree upon booking a session with the intention to go ahead, that all deposits to hold appointments are non-refundable or transferrable to another party.

  3. You acknowledge that all Zoom, online, and telephone transactions for appointments are non-refundable

  4. If you are not satisfied with your in-person reading with Deborah within 10 minutes of commencing, the session will cease with no further fee charged, once the session is complete and you have received her service, full payment of the fee is payable.

  5. Your booking will be confirmed via text and an appointment reminder sent within a day of your appointment time. It is your responsibility to ensure that all details are correct and advise if otherwise.

  6. If cancelling your booking automatic rescheduling is not guaranteed.

  7. You are expected to arrive on time for your appointment, the time will commence as booked from the scheduled time and will finish at the scheduled time, if there is a late arrival then the session will be shortened to fit in the originally scheduled time as to not affect or impact any appointments following your appointment.

  8. One person is permitted in the room at a time, if you have made back to back appointments the other people must wait for a fair distance from the reading room to not interfere with your current reading in session.

  9. Another person is permitted to attend on negotiation prior to the originally booked appointment with an appropriate agreed extra fee to be added. 

  10. If others are present in another room during an online session, this will interfere with the current session in progress and loved ones are likely to see this as an opportunity to communicate, as a result, it is a requirement that you are in a private place to receive your reading

  11. Information passed on through readings is not guaranteed and is of a general nature only, for entertainment purposes, if making reference to legal, financial or medical issues, it does not replace the need for professional advice where appropriate.

  12. Deborah has the right to refuse entry or terminate the session if you attend under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  13. Clients with a psychological disorder or mental illness must seek the advice of a health professional.

  14. By engaging in services from Deborah Kroll you acknowledge your personal responsibility for any choices you make as a result of these services. They are not fortune-telling.

  15. Deborah Kroll will do her utmost to engage as a professional and endeavour to give you her very best of her ability, care and compassion to pass on the information which is received directly from the spirit world, this is not guaranteed every time to be what you may be hoping to achieve or hear. It may become apparent sometime in the future.

  16. No recording or videoing of the sessions it will and has interfered with the information being channelled through from the spirit world and has affected and reduced the effectiveness of their ability to communicate.


Deborah Kroll’s services are for guidance only. What you decide to do with the information that is given, including any actions you take is entirely your own responsibility and choice.  All advice should at no time be considered to be legal, medical, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation. For legal reasons you are advised that readings are for entertainment purposes only and Deborah is not a substitute for professional services. It is advised if necessary that you seek advice from the appropriate professional service. 

All information supplied to the client is confidential and will not be shared or passed on to any third parties without the permission of the client. Deborah is duty-bound if a situation is deemed life-threatening, to report any perceived danger.  Deborah Kroll is a certified Medium Clairvoyant however your session should be undertaken with an open and positive outlook with no expectations of an outcome, your destiny resides with you. 

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