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heartwarming group SESSION

It was such a heartwarming evening at my recent group. I always receive so many beautiful messages from loved ones. It’s hard to mention all of the special people and pets who came through.

I’m writing this blog in honour of a lady & gentleman’s precious son, who came through with his turtles; he bred bread and kept them; this in itself was incredible, unique proof of who he was. He recognised the huge amount of love for his family, claiming that he was the best-looking one! He made a special mention of love for his brother, who had a tattoo in his honour. He let his parents know that he had all of his grandparents with him from both sides. They also gave their unique names & other undeniable evidence of their presence.

Just when I thought this young man’s message was finished, he clearly called out his name, ensuring his parents it was definitely his spoken voice from the spirit world, that he was so extremely excited to be able to speak to them from the other side. He did his best to put a smile on their face in place of their grief and sadness of him no longer being with them in the physical world.

I love the effort family, friends & pets go to be remembered.

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