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I was given Deborah’s name from a friend at work who recommended her very highly. When I met Deborah she was very friendly & made me feel at ease straight away, sitting down she started talking about my loved ones that had passed with great accuracy.


I could not believe what I was hearing, she told me about my brother down to a tee. Nobody outside the family knew what happened to him but Deborah was spot on with everything she said. After a lot of tears and a few laughs I walked out of there feeling at peace, something I hadn’t felt for a long time.


I have been back to see her a couple of times and have had many family and friends go and see Deborah as well. All coming back with the same feeling I had after my session. Thank you Deborah for everything you’ve done for me and all my family. 



Hi Deborah. This is Tim’s partner Jane here. I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your gift. Tim has been really struggling especially since the passing of his brother and because of you he now has some closure and peace of mind and even sleeps better at night.


I can see a huge difference his mind is no longer racing a hundred miles an hour about any guilt or doubts he was having. I know he really needed this but the timing had to be right. It was so nice to receive that confirmation and love from the spirit world.


Thank you so much I will def organise to come and see you myself in the near future. We are so privileged to have such special people like yourself on this earth. Bless you. Happy for you to use this as feedback on your website. 





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